Welcome To Davinci Fireplace Mantels

Da Vinci Fireplace Mantels, we are a leading cast stone fireplace supplier serving the GTA. Our services include manufacturing and installation of cast stone fireplace mantels and decorative plaster ceilings.

Da Vinci. The name invokes the Master of the Renaissance, the epitome of art and splendour. At Da Vinci Fireplace Mantels, we have perfected the art of making magnificent fireplace mantels and accessories that recreate the same aura and grandeur in your home.

Da Vinci Mantels are specially formulated to attain high strength, resistance to cracking, surface damage and discolouration. Our products are also non-combustible. Our multi stage production process builds quality and durability at each level. Easy to maintain, Da Vinci Mantels will be the pride of any interior setting.

Choose from an exquisite line-up of products. Each Mantel is distinct in design, texture and colour accents. Each Da Vinci Mantel is individually crafted and pigmented, to bring out the natural colouration in hints and hues of authentic stone. Thus, each is distinct and none is exact copy of one another. Our artisans are committed to bringing out the ultimate expression of beauty and style.

Our mantels can be found in new build homes by various builders across Ontario.