Quality and Durability

Da Vinci Fireplaces combine
a centuries-old tradition with contemporary production techniques to make them truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Choose from an array of designs, each with its own individual textures, colours and accents, to suit any décor. The look and feel of real stone without the weight makes installation quick, easy and cost effective.

To transform your fireplace into a work of art, contact us today.
Please note, mantels will be available 2 weeks from their order date.
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We use a specially formulated compound of lightweight materials to get twice the strength. Our research has led us to produce a special compound of concrete. Our product is non-combustible. The composition of our product is engineered to resist calcination and cracking.


Our multi-stage production process builds in quality and durability at every level. Special stone penetrating sealers, applied in our process, give our products the capacity to resist staining better.


We use a unique pigmentation process to bring out the natural colouration of authentic stone. Not only does it look grand, but it also makes our fireplaces more resistent to any surface damage. Our colouration system resists UV radiation and discolourization, thus it will keep its colour

Warm up to a Work of Art with Da Vinci Fireplaces